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Amazing article! This hit the nail straight on the head. I'll be returning to this article to remember this more often.

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This is probably the hardest part. As someone with ADHD, boredom is physically and mentally *painful*. Because we have a dopamine deficiency, any lack of stimulation is making it so our brain goes crazy seeking something stimulating just to be at a normal level. I've found stim toys or anything to do with your hands helps the ability to "be bored" and let your mind drift without being in pain. I've taken up crocheting.

The other issue is "letting the subconscious handle it"-- memory issues and executive dysfunction issues mean my brain isn't reliable for holding things there. I end up trying to keep a small notebook on hand whenever im "zoning out" as described in this article so I can write any passing thoughts.

All these issues are why phones are so addictive for ADHD folks especially. And why it's important to find stimulation elsewhere. I'd also highly recommend meditation as an intermediary step of "eating your broccoli" -- something about dedicating small increments of time to meditating and going unfocused feels better than just trying to do it by randomly zoning out.

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I hate to be that guy, but if it’s not the contraction “it is,” you don’t need the apostrophe in “its.” Errors take me out of an otherwise insightful well-written article.

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