I don't know if I've commented this already, but I use alternative front-ends. Front-ends are basically the interface with which the user interacts with the data, but the data is still the same.

For Twitter I use https://nitter.net - when you first open it, it allows you to search a user name and not much else. But you can make your own minimal chronological timeline by adding the usernames to the url like this: https://nitter.net/justinhanagan,goddisk,memeintagency,devarajsandberg,GalahadEridanus/with_replies

And you just fav that in your browser. For Reddit I use something very similar called teddit.net, and you can make a multisubreddit url easily as well. I particularly prefer Teddit over any other alternative because it automatically redirects all internal links to itself. Other front ends I noticed just keep links to reddit.com.

I do this is because I check out a few selected people or subs but I don't have an account or apps for neither. In their official websites, both Twitter and Reddit will constantly remind you of that! So if you don't care for interacting with users on those platforms, this is a great privacy-friendly solution. There's also Invictus for YouTube for example. And I think I found one for TikTok but it wasn't too good. Maybe that's for the best 🤮

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