I have many times looked for methods to reduce my time on social media. I am so far following along with your Air method and it feels really promising.

My situation is however slightly different. I managed, about a year ago, to completely remove all of my social media apps and lock my accounts (I keep them locked mainly to keep messenger and such). The only problem I have right now is the (foul demon) reddit, which I frequent using my browser on computer and phone.

This yields the slight troublesome situation that I need a screen timer for my browser. But, as is obvious, it's a tool that can also be used for good, and not only social media. Right now I am seeing this as a "reddit or important stuff" kind off timer, but it feels slightly unsustainable. I am thinking about getting the reddit app just for this, but I feel like this might just lead me back to the browser once the timer runs out. Do you have any tips for this?

Again, great content. I am looking forward to the next steps.

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