I’ve gotta say it’s gratifying to encounter someone who is seeing the online world of ‘content creation’ and its consequences in a similar way to what I do without giving in to either despair or mere impotent complaining.

‘social media is treating every artist (well, everyone) like they’re a corporate brand and assuming all sides are motivated purely by financial means. And while money is certainly a motivating factor when creating art, it’s important to recognize that it’s never the only motivating factor.’

Maybe it’s because I can remember the pre-internet times (I’m 35) but it’s disturbing to me how much this solely financial/transactional view of creativity has taken hold. ‘Selling out’ is an alien concept or ethical standard to hold now.

Cheers, Justin. Great piece as always.

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"Everything Everywhere All At Once" made ~$100 million at the box office.

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