I really love this, just stumbled on the air method and going to check it out.

As someone who writes compulsively, there is a feeling of desperation that pushes me to be more present on social media when I am struggling financially or have something I’ve worked hard on I want to get “good engagement” for online.

I took a job in tech sales recently, and it’s improved my writing immensely. But it has also made me conscious of how much unconscious pressure there is to “optimize “everything you make to fit to the whims of the algorithm.

I was conscious of this when it came to actual content, but I’ve been thinking more and more about the ways in which the algorithm also shapes how we reach out to other people, and what we consider a “community “, especially as walled gardens become the future of the Internet.

Appreciate you and everything you have in this newsletter, looking forward to exploring your work.

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