In the late naughties I remember a lady in a bar (Indo in Whitechapel, for superfluous context) singing the praises of an alarm clock that woke her up with gentle whispers and buzzings and a light that oh so slowly intensified as though the sun had entered the room and tenderly kissed your eyelids (she didn't put it quite that way). She was incredulous when I said I appreciated the brutal, institutionalised intensity of my wind up alarm clock's thrackadingalinging tearing me out of a dream, straight into the embodied world.

My point is, if the benefits of time saving are unreflectively embraced by the designers of our lives, heaven help us when they come for our last lingering shreds precious discomfort.

I wonder where the Lady From The Bar is today. I like to think she's in the stock photo illustration for your article.

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I couldn't have put it any better myself. Whenever I see someone being so optimistic about AI development, I just wonder what they think they will do once it essentially outperforms us in any activity. What will feel meaningful when you know anyone with the press of a button can replicate it without much effort?

What are your thoughts on this, Justin? How do you think we will manage this - if at all - and will we either 1) never reach this point or 2) find meaning in some other place?

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More time to pick up a pencil and draw Presumably that would be the case for me but I’m a Luddite, working on growing a tomato with great anticipation that part of the worldly wonders still operate in a different time clock. 70 days from seed to a delectable treat, sun ripened and all that. Are we addicted to having instant gratification- you have hit the nail on the head!

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That's a lot of saved time, I'm sure we'll do something good with it and not be on our phones the whole time!

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I’ve been picky about which tech to keep up on and AI hasn’t been one of them. I had a co-worker always showing me AI-generated art. He was obsessed and I still don’t get it. And another co-worker’s obsession with AI chat. No, thanks. I think I’m the dumb one here and should do more research about it all, but it’s nice to live in oblivion sometimes.

God I miss the vibe of dial-up and blockbusters.

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